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So you’ve been working for awhile now and you want to grow your blog a bit more by now, but you just aren’t seeing results. No hits are showing up, no moolah is coming in and you’re a bit confused as to what to do. You’ve been putting in the work and nothing is happening yet! Egads! What on earth are you doing wrong you wonder.

Something that took me forever to realize is this: If you build it they don’t actually just come. Sure, you’ve got to put in the hours, you’ve got to sweat and grind and get a bit uncomfortable sometimes. You have to do those things – but just putting in the work and building the blog and writing post after post doesn’t bring home the bacon. Yes, you HAVE to have content. Keep on doing that. If you’re churning out blog posts, then good for you – keep putting in the work. Now it’s time to start working a little smarter and implement a few tweaks and polish the corners a bit. Think about these points below.


Create Great Content

I’ve already harped on this a lot in the above paragraph. You’ve got to create content if you want to truly grow your blog. However, you’ve got to do more than that – your content has to be great! You have to have loads of content that’s meaningful and valuable to your audience.  You’ve got to write more than a rinky-dink 300 word “SEO friendly” post. You’ve got to crank out some words! I’m talking 800 to 1000 words or more, depending on your topic. Don’t cut corners with what you’re writing and assume the person you’re talking to knows as much as you. Remember, your reader is on your blog reading your article because you are teaching or telling them something valuable that they don’t know. If they already know about it, they’ll probably move on to another post or blog. Just because something is obvious to you, remember that may not be the case with other people. Explain everything! Keep in mind that content doesn’t just mean your blog posts. You’ve got to make sure your other pages are top notch too, like, with your Mission Statement or About Page


Make it Easy to Share

Hopefully, you’re already posting your content on your social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. If you aren’t, then start doing that for sure. Take advantage of those sources being available as early as you can. At any rate, good on you for sharing that content. It may not be working well for you at the moment though, you’re probably just starting out and you have a fairly small following at the moment, so it makes sense.

So then, your following is small – and when you share your content with them, they see it – but who else is seeing it? Not many people yet. You want to make it easy for people coming from other sources other than said social network to be able to share your posts as well. If people outside of your community on Facebook are sharing your new blog post to their friends, that’s a no-brainer way to start getting some exposure outside of your current circle in order to grow your blog!

I’ll talk about this point more in another post, but in a nutshell, this means adding some social sharing functionality to your blog with a plugin. You want some buttons that are easy to see and to click “share” on somewhere on your new blog post, so it will entice your readers to share it if they like it!


Oh, and Share Your Content Too!

Well now that you’ve created epic content and you’ve made it easy to share, YOU need to share it as well. Like I mentioned above, post it to your social media accounts. If you don’t have any, you need to set them up ASAP. Like right now. After you do that, share it again later. Test out sharing your content at a few different times throughout the day and even the week and see what sort of traffic you get from it. Content moves pretty fast online and people are logging on at various times throughout the day and not all at the same time, so some people may see your content in the morning, but the people that hop on later in the day may not see it because it’s already been buried by other posts from other people.

I’ll talk about ways to automate this later on so you can do this more easily.


Engage, Engage, Engage!

Don’t just post your content on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – jump in and engage with people. If people comment on your posts, talk to them. If they ask you questions, answer them – show them that you’re a real person. They’ll love you for it. Also, engage on other peoples’ posts as well. Start some conversations with people in other Facebook groups or on another Twitter conversations. Show the Internet that you’re a real live person and you’re here to help.

By doing this, you’re showing people how awesome and valuable you are. Just remember, to be honest, and be real and genuine, and people will thank you for it.


Keep on keeping on

As I’ve stated a few times before by now, you can’t grow your blog quickly. You won’t grow your blog in a week. You’ve got to keep on putting in the work and just trust in the system. Keep working on your blog and keep doing these things and eventually, you’ll start to see growth – even if it’s small growth.

It may take a few months but eventually, you will see some positive results, just keep on doing it!


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