Here’s a few super handy resources that I use on a daily basis – and I highly recommend them to my clients and readers as well. If you need tools to make your job easier as a blogger or up and coming youtube sensation – these are some tools to check out.

Just a small note, some of these links are my affiliate links and by purchasing through them, you help to keep my business running, that way I can continue to provide epic content and services for you. I never recommend a product that I haven’t used myself and believe in, by the way.

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I’ve used a lot of different Web hosts over the years, and many of them have been good. Some of them have been bad. I’ve learned some lessons and I learned that out of all of them, SiteGround hosting was the best. If you want cheap – and fast – and amazing reliability and tech support, SiteGround is the go-to!

If you already have a website that you want to transfer or you want to start a brand new website from one of the most reliable hosting providers that I’ve used, here it is. They offer free site transfers, 24/7 customer support, SSD storage, free app installs (WordPress, etc,) free email accounts, free backups, unlimited traffic and a few other nifty features!

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Cyberchimps WordPress Themes

I’ve been using Cyberchimps themes for 5 years for many reasons. They have tons of free themes and cheap themes that are really powerful. They also offer graphics bundles and plugins – all of which are at ridiculously good price points.

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme or even just one plugin, this is the place to go. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your theme, premium plugins, and graphic bundles for your site and/or social media pages – you won’t have to go any further than Cyberchimps. You can literally get all of it from them and not wipe out your bank account.

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Gone are the days of you toting a floppy drive or CD-R to my office (or vice versa) and gone may they stay! I absolutely love DropBox because I can upload files and share them with my clients on the fly – and just as important, my clients can upload files to their dropbox and send them my way without any effort. Don’t forget having a backup copy of their files.

DropBox allows me to take my projects on the road, as well as your projects, you up and coming blogger, you! This is a great tool for sharing files and for backing up your work as well. I can’t recommend it enough. Super serious, if you have this it will make both of our lives so much easier, you’ll love it.

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