Over half of online searches now from mobile devices

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Mobile Search from phone

This probably comes as no surprise to most people (if it does, you’ve been living under a rock I’m assuming), but Google has stated that over half of global searches are now coming from mobile devices. They didn’t specific just how much over 50% that is, however – but that’s pretty huge, either way.

That’s something that I’ve guessed for quite awhile – because, like me, most people are on the go most of the day and with smartphones being in our pockets and purses, we’re hyper connected to the Web. It’s very easy for me to have a normal conversation with someone and then stumble onto a topic or question that I’d like to find and answer to – so I’ll pull out my phone and do a quick search. I do a few searches per day on my PC as well – but I’m not near it until later in the evening. I’m sure it’s a very similar situation for most people.

So again, not surprising!

A recent report from Hitwise digs further into those searches and shows what sort of volume we’re looking at for various topics. Again, not surprising I think, the hottest search category is food and drink and health (News is pretty high as well, which I kind of figured). I know I do various searches a week trying to figure out what I’m going to eat for lunch and where I’m going to eat it at.

The lowest category was Banking. That doesn’t surprise me I think. I think many people assume their mobile device isn’t as secure as a PC so perhaps they don’t do much banking from their phone. I could be way off base thereĀ  but it’s just a guess at the moment. /shrug.

More on this topic later as I discover more. If this says anything at all to you, I hope that it says that your blog better be mobile friendly/responsive. If you want people to find your blog, be expecting them to be looking for your topics from their phone.

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