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So you can make a lot of mistakes when blogging. Actually, you probably will make a lot of mistakes. I’ve made a ton of mistakes when blogging over the years – but I feel like those have been perfect opportunities for me to learn and grow and improve my blogs. (This applies to you as well – learn from those mistakes!)

So I’ll help you out and point out a few big blogging mistakes that I’ve made – and I see other people make. Some of these may make you go “duh!” but hopefully some of them will make you say “oh I didn’t realize that!”. So then, you’ll know!


And Knowing is half the battle…


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Mistake: Not Using Images

By now, this one shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. With the viral growth of sites like Youtube, Twitch, Pinterest, Tumblr, and the like – it probably easy to guess that people love visual stuff. We love our images! The reader that reads all of your content is a rare specimen. Generally speaking, your audience is only going to read a percentage of your post. They’ll skim and skim to your bullet points and your images. So make sure you use images. And don’t use small ones either. Find quality, large, high res images as often as you can.

People love charts, clip art, gifs, all of it. Use it all! Where applicable. You want to capture attention and images do it.

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Totally unrelated – but it got your attention didn’t it?


Mistake: Not engaging with your audience

When I read an article, I VERY rarely comment – but when I do, it’s always because something or someone roused me – either to anger or happiness. My brain waves weren’t leisurely waving along when I made the comment. This goes for most readers as well – they took the time out of their day to put forth a bit of effort to comment on your work. Do your best to engage them. Reply back to their comment, answer their question, whatever it is, dig into it and let them know you’re there.

If the comment is just stupid and derogatory, I wouldn’t worry about it. (I might ban them or erase the comment – I won’t put up with BS on my work.) But you know what I mean!

When you engage with your audience, you do a few things. You build your reputation – and you want that. You start making yourself look like even more of a Subject Matter Expert – which you are. You encourage more users to engage with you, and that’s HUGE.

When you start digging in and paying attention to your audience, you’ll start to notice some of the same questions and pain points – and that right there is an epic thing. You want that. The people that your blog is bringing in are people that are obviously interested in your topic…and those people are bringing pain points related to your topic to you. Those pain points will give you new stuff to write about! It’ll just fall in your lap!

So engage with your people.


Mistake: Silly Publishing Schedule

I see this scenario happen a lot. Someone starts a blog, they get super pumped, they post A LOT OF content… and then get burned out and never post again. If they do post again, it might be weeks or months later.

I also see a lot of bloggers post a LOT of content – as in daily – but that content is usually watered down, wastes of time for themselves and for you. You want quality content. Don’t do what they do. Don’t try to stick to an extremely rigorous posting schedule, because after awhile you’ll start to lose it and this is what will happen.

Photo Credit: Christina(ProbablyDon'tLikeYou)Hansen via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Christina(ProbablyDon’tLikeYou)Hansen via Compfight cc

You want to definitely commit to a schedule – you want your content to trickle out on a very regular basis. As you grow, your audience will begin to expect content on the regular. So get a schedule going – and start slow. Really work on your content and focus on putting out quality posts. Those types of articles will come less frequently than short BS daily posts – and your people will love you for it.



Mistake: Too much text, not enough whitespace

This is something that was drilled into my poor head in design school way back. Having blank space is good. You don’t want your blog to be a massive and ugly wall of words. Your readers are totally going to ‘TLDR I’m out!’

Presentation is huge. That’s why Apple is the behemoth it is. You want things to be pretty. You want your blog posts to be neat and crisp. Break up your blog posts with paragraphs and use headings where headings are needed. It will help guide your readers eyes down your posts in a nice and smooth way.

Conclusion: You want your blog to be successful, you’re going to make mistakes and with a few hot tips from me along the way, hopefully you’ll learn from those blogging mistakes and your blog will improve and grow into something huge.

Try to keep things simple:

  • Break things up
  • use nice headings
  • use lots of images
  • engage with your audience
  • post on a regular schedule

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