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If you want your blog to be top tier stuff, you need to make sure your “About” page is up to snuff. You need to make sure all the checkboxes are checked, the T’s are crossed, and the I’s are dotted!

I’ve talked to more than a few bloggers that just don’t realize how important the About page is – If you’ve got one, chances are it’s getting a ton of traffic! It’s probably getting more traffic than some of your blog posts. This is because people want to know who you and what you’re about. The About page will tell them that!

Again, many bloggers that I’ve run into don’t have one – or if they do, it looks like wet trash. Some bloggers don’t understand how important they are yet because it just doesn’t seem like it would be as important as your epic blog posts and epic videos, right? You have to look at it from a readers perspective. When I’m on a website, I nearly always look for their About page. I want to read about who they are and what they do before I start investing my time with them. If I’m not liking what I’m reading, I’ll go back to my Google search and find someone else. I want to know a bit about the person or people behind the website. Sure, your blog posts and your media (pictures and videos) will tell a huge story, but that story takes awhile to get. I want something now. Many readers feel that same way as well. Write your About page!

Photos, You’ve Got To Have Them

Instagram and Snapchat are enormous right now. Enormous isn’t even a strong enough word, really. People LOVE images. We always have, and we always will. We’re just visual people. The Web was nothing but text a few years ago, and now it’s got to be over half images and video now. With data being so cheap and people being hyper-connected to their devices, we’re consuming pretty pictures at an alarming rate.

You want to connect with your readers on a higher level, and visuals will do that for you. Post a picture of yourself up there, and people will thank you for it (Maybe they won’t thank you out loud, but you know what I mean). Think about all of the information that’s poured into you over the years, and think about how much you forget. Then think about that time you saw a friend from high school a decade later. You forgot their name, but you remembered who they were! Well, I’ve done that anyway, and I’m sure you’ve done something similar right? The point is, we are visual, visual things help us to connect in a much stronger way. Post a picture up there!

Make If Yours

Just like resumes, there are tons and tons of About Pages out there in the world. You want yours to be unique to you. Don’t just do some cookie cutter stuff. Make that page stand out from the crowd. Make the About Page reflect just who you are. This may take some time to figure out, but I believe in you.

Make It About Them Also

I know, I know – we’re talking about a page that’s supposed to be about YOU. But you have to also make it about your reader too. You’ve got to interact with them in some way, and let them know that you hear them, and you are here for them. Let them know what’s in it for them because that’s why they’re here. They aren’t reading your blog and buying your products just because they like you. They want to get something out of all of it too. Let them know where it all began and why you started doing your thing. Tell them what they can expect from you and what you can offer them.

Make Them Stay

Now that your reader has read all about you, now what do they do? Click on your menu bar and go back to the home page or the blog? Maybe, but don’t take that chance. Help them out and give them some bread crumbs. Link your social media buttons here, or if you’ve got some particular blog posts or sections that you would like the reader to read, pop some links to those there. IE “If you’re interested in X (X being your product/service/topic), then click here to get started with a quick start guide!”.

Don’t Let It Get Stale

Just like toast, don’t let it set too long without touching it. Over time, your site will change, you will change, other things will change. Make sure your About Page always reflects your and your website!

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