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Kevin Systrom taught himself how to code and then founded Instagram (with Mike Krieger) in 2010. It only took two years for the behemoth that is Facebook to buy them for a measly one BILLION dollars.

Kevin’s early life wasn’t that of a tech rock star, but I can see where his interest in tech came from. Growing up, he created his own levels for the video game “Doom”, as one example.

He grew up and went to high school in Massachusetts and then moved to go to college at Stanford University. He graduated from there with a bachelor’s degree in Management Science and Engineering. (Management… science?).

After graduating from college he landed a job at Google as a product marketer and eventually moved on to a place called Nextstop. He worked at these places when the sun was up, but honed his programming chops by learning to code bigger and better applications when the sun was down.

Systrom eventually left Nextstop and created an app called Burbn, which was a check-in app similar to Foursquare. Burbn eventually evolved into what would later become Instagram (Sort of, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger used many elements and ideas and probably code from Burbn to create Instagram).

That story isn’t typical of course, but tell me that’s not motivating? All it takes is code and an idea. That’s the beauty of code. We can create nearly anything that we want. The only limit is our imagination, in some ways.

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