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So you want to start up a blog on your own. You want to have your own dot com on the web with all of your awesome stuff on it – but you’re not entirely sure where to start?

I’m going to do my best to lay all of that out in easy and digestible bits of information for you. One step at a time, we’ll get a website up and running together. I’ll go through all of the basics and move up from there into more difficult stuff.

So What is a Domain Name?

First things first, you’ll need a domain name. That’s the name that people type into the address bar on their Web browser ( or, etc,). Think of it like your house or apartment number (1010 Something Street). You gotta know the address to get to the place!

You want your website to look professional and cool right? You want people to take you seriously? Then get a domain name for your website/blog.


Just How Expensive Is This?

This new online house of yours is going to be ridiculously expensive! No, I’m kidding. Purchasing a domain is fairly cheap. Generally speaking, domains cost about $15. Unless you get a “cool” domain such as .ninja or .design – those tend to run around the $25 mark, I’ve noticed. Now, if you’re eyeballing a REALLY cool domain – IE one that’s in high demand, you could really spend some cash on it. I’ve run into a few that were up in the thousands! Again though, most of the time, what you want is going to be about $15 or so.


How Do I Get That Domain Name?

Again, Purchasing Domains is easy. You purchase them through a domain registrar such as Godaddy or HostGator. You can purchase your domain name all by itself or you can wait until you’re buying your web host too (more on that later) and purchase it then.



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