Do You Update WordPress? You Should!

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Go ahead and be honest with me, do you update WordPress regularly? Like really updating – updating WordPress itself, updating your plugins, updating your WordPress themes. Not very often?

Yeah, I thought so!

If you DO update – then good! I’m not mad at you. If you don’t update on the regular, I’m mad at you!

If you don’t update your WordPress site, it could spell disaster eventually. You’re leaving the door open for hacks and other nastiness. Some people think these updates are updates to the plugins or theme’s functionality, but that’s not the case most of the time. Most of the time, those updates are to patch bugs and vulnerabilities.  Seriously, it’s super serious.

Eventually, someone may take advantage of the gaping hole you’ve left in your site from an out of date plugin and it will be up the creek with you, if you don’t update WordPress. You don’t want that sort of thing on your hands. Even if you’re doing your due diligence and running backups, you still don’t want to clean that up I’m sure.

That all being said, it’s incredibly simple to update your site. Your Dashboard will let you know right off the bat if you’ve got updates to be run. Just click the button and then click the button. Take a few minutes to do that, if nothing else happens that day!


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