Before I Made My First Blog Post, Pt 1

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So, like everyone – I’ve made a mistake or two here and there and there’s some things that I wish I had known before I ever even made my first blog post. I’ve made a lot of them blogging… just like every blogger, I’m sure. However! I kept on keeping on until I got a few things right. I’m still learning but hey. There’s definitely some things I wish I knew before my first blog post was ever published.

I think I’ve said this a million times about one thing or another… “If I had known then what I know now…” blah blah blah. Well, that’s definitely true here. If I had known a few of the things I know now about blogging, I would’ve progressed much faster!

That being said, I’m going to share a few of these “wish I knew” tidbits with you now and hopefully you can gain something from them.

Backups Are Important

This is something I think we all know but we just don’t want to do it because it sounds like work. It’s one of those things that I put off a lot in the past. And then one day, disaster struck – and everything was gone! and there was no saving it. There were no backups to restore…there was no nothing! It was all gone.

So, learn to backup early and often! At least anytime changes are made. The cool thing, if you’re using WordPress, you don’t HAVE to learn a hard/expert way to do this. There are dozens of plugins that will do this for you.

Also, keep all of your files such as photos, graphics, logos – any assets that you’ve acquired. Keep all of that stuff in the cloud. Sign up for a free Dropbox or Google Drive account and start keeping those files there. Again, if disaster strikes, it doesn’t have to just strike your webhost. It can also strike your computer.

Backup your stuff!


Start To Build An Email List NOW

I REALLY wish that I had done this before my first blog post. This is something that I didn’t do forever because I assumed that I needed to be a fairly decent blog to have an email list. Not so! Even if your blog has three posts on it, make it a point to set up an email list and add it to your site somewhere. Even if you don’t know what you’ll email about – make the list and give people a spot to sign up for it. The quicker you put it out there, the quicker you’ll get people signing up. It may take weeks or months, but just do it. Email lists will pay off eventually.

After you set up your list, start thinking about how you’ll get people to sign up. The tried and true method that I’ve found is to have some incentive. Make some sort of thing…and offer it for free: “Sign up with your email address to get my free blank” – and boom! That’s it! Make an ebook, a PDF pamplet, a graphic (people LOVE some graphics), etc,… People will want the freebie, so they’ll sign up and you’ve got them on your list then.

Oh, and make sure the freebie is something related to your blog. People on your blog will obviously be interested in something that’s related to the subject they’re reading about.


Use Google Analytics

This may not sound that important to some people, but it really is. Even when your blog is brand new and you don’t have any visitors, still get Google Analytics set up and get familiar with it. Poke around in there and learn how to use it a bit. When you start getting visitors rolling in, being able to see what posts are attracting people and the types of devices they’re using (mobile or desktop), that’s pure gold! That kind of info will tell you “hey, people like this so write more about that”.


This is a pretty short read, I know – but again, these are without a doubt some bits of information that I wish I knew before I made my first blog post many years ago. I plan to write more later about some more “d’ohs” moments later. What are some things that you wish you had known from day one? Drop me a comment or email and tell me!

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